Strengthening our Community

through Support and Camaraderie

Patch Thrift Shop Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers to help out around the Thrift Shop! Volunteers are needed to stock the shop, organize shelves, keep the shop neat and tidy and more! Volunteers earn perks like discounts and the chance to earn store credit. If you have questions, stop by the Shop to learn more! 

Thrift shop sales are how the SCSC is able to fund scholarships and make all the amazing monthly contributions to our USAG community. With every hour volunteered or item purchased, you are a part of that impact!

Our shop offers flexible, part-time paid positions. For information about current job openings, visit our Now Hiring page.

Base access is needed to visit the Patch Thrift Shop. To make a purchase, overseas Commissary and Exchange shopping privileges are required.