Supporting Our Community

With Service and Commitment

Governing Board


PresidentTsoniki Crazy Bull

Operations VP: Michael Barbour

Welfare VP: Rohanna Reynolds 

Thrift Shop VP: Camey McGurk

Operations Treasurer: Pete Oldmixon

Welfare Treasurer: Keite Pao

Recording Secretary: Gail Currier

Information Management Officer (IMO): Vacant

Parliamentarian: Ha Fullerton

Welfare: Meghan Ziglar

Community Enhancement: Rachel Viel and Kay Moncada

Community Coordinator: Diane Russo

Member Programs: Emily Ross

Member Programs DIY: Kim Daniels

Membership: Cathrine Anderson

Reservations: Sarah Longo

Publicity and Social Media: Kristen Thoennes

Scholarship: Valerie Wells

Special Interest Groups: Betsy Birk 

Trips and Tours: Nan Lawless 

Ways & Means: Dee Wild

Website: Kori Buchheit

Honorary President: Laura Smith

Honorary Vice President EUCOM: Angie Basham

Honorary Vice President AFRICOM: Marisa Thresher

Scholarship Advisor: Michelle Spain

Thrift Shop Advisor: Vacant

Welfare Advisor: Angela Abernethy

Community Enhancement Advisor: Amy Fulford

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