Strengthening our Community

through Support and Camaraderie

Executive Board

President: Betsy Birk

Operations VP: Rachel Viel

Welfare VP: Shay Miller

Thrift Shop VP: Dani Lander

Operations Treasurer: Casey Ostrander

Welfare Treasurer: Rebecca Andres

Administrative Manager: Robin Kory

Communications Manager: Cassie Brewster

Parliamentarian: Nan Lawless

Governing Board

Grants: Stacy Williams

Volunteer Coordinator: Kelly Wimette

Community Enhancement: Sarah Tyler 

Member Events: Norah Krones

DIY: Kim Daniels

Membership: Cathrine Anderson

Reservations: Debi Davis


Special Interest GroupsVACANT

Trips & Tours: Emily Ross

Ways & Means: Dee Wild

Website: Kay Moncada

Special Events: VACANT

Honorary President: Sandy Brennan

Honorary Vice President: VACANT

Honorary Vice President AFRICOM: VACANT

Honorary Vice President EUCOM: Angela Abernethy

Welfare Advisor: Sherri Phillips

Thrift Shop AdvisorVACANT

Operations Advisor: Teri Shultz

Interested in volunteering for our Executive or Governing Board? Find job descriptions in our By-Laws and contact our Parliamentarian to get started.