Strengthening our Community

through Support and Camaraderie

Supporting Our Community

The SCSC is dedicated to uplifting and supporting our community. We know that when we come together to

support one another, we are stronger, more resilient and better equipped as a community. Our Patch Thrift Shop

is what allows us to continue to financially contribute to organizations and individuals throughout Stuttgart.

We offer Grants available for various organization and individual needs, scholarships to our Stuttgart students

and spouses to help them continue their education and pursue their careers. The SCSC foundation is

volunteering to better our community, together.

Join the Club!

Come join our diverse group of men and women spouses of Stuttgart. You can volunteer your time and talent,

join in on our special interest groups, connect with like-minded individuals and even apply for a position to

be on the board to help run part of the SCSC program. There is no better way to connect with fellow

spouses, support your community and have fun in the process!