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IMPORTANT: Thank you for your interest in a grant! Due to summer PCS season and volunteer changeover, we will not accept requests again until September 15, 2023. Thank you for your understanding! In the meantime, please continue to support the Patch Thrift Shop through donating, shopping and volunteering

Does your organization need some help with funding a project? Thanks to proceeds from the Patch Thrift Shop, the SCSC is able to provide grants to the USAG Stuttgart community. Apply today!


Grant request applications are due by the 15th of the month to be considered at that month's Grants Committee meeting. If the grant is requesting money to support an event, it must take place on or after the first of the month following the application deadline. For example, a grant request for an event on or after April 1 must be submitted by the March 15 deadline. Applications received after the 15th will be considered at the Grants Committee meeting held the following month. Applications submitted in the months of September through April will be submitted for no more than $5,000. Applications for any amount over $3,000, if approved by the Grants Committee, must also be approved by the SCSC Governing Board.

The deadline in December will be earlier due to the holidays.


Please submit your budget with your application.


In regards to lodging, SCSC uses a fair lodging formula. They provide up to $50 per night per participant, no single rooms (unless for adult chaperones of minor children) or 85% of the total housing/lodging cost, whichever is less.

SCSC will provide for food or catering if it’s included in the room fare and/or if the organization can prove that the food purchased will benefit the greater Stuttgart community. Alcohol not included.

Grant awards WILL NOT be considered for the following:

  • To support administrative activities of the organization (insurance fees, accounting costs, membership dues, etc.)
  • To support an organization or individual not connected to the Stuttgart community
  • “Hail and Farewells” or parties
  • Items to be given to individuals (includes gifts, T-shirts, uniforms, awards)
  • To support a charitable event or funds to be donated by the requesting organization, including scholarships
  • Items normally covered in DoDDS budget (i.e tables, equipment, sporting gear necessary to support a team, books, etc.)

SCSC does not reimburse for items already purchased or for events which have already taken place.


SCSC requests proof that funds were used in the way they were intended. This can be a picture of the event, simple receipts and/or a letter explaining how the money was spent and who it impacted. Please send this information to the Grants Chair so we can share with the community!

Have questions? Please contact the SCSC Grants Chair

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