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The first deadline to submit grant applications for the 2017-18 Board Year is August 15th.  Please note that I will only accept the 2017-18 version of the application. As this is a new grant application and tool the first users may experience technical difficulties and will be granted exceptions to the 8/15 deadline.

Grant awards WILL NOT be considered for the following:

* to support administrative activities of the organization (insurance fees, accounting costs, membership dues, etc.);

* to support an organization or individual not connected to the Stuttgart community;

* food or alcohol costs;

* “Hail and Farewells” or parties;

* items to be given to individuals (includes gifts, T-shirts, uniforms, awards);

* to support a charitable event or funds to be donated by the requesting organization, including scholarships;

* items normally covered in DoDDS budget (i.e tables, equipment, sporting gear necessary to support a team, books, etc.);

All of Its
Members and
SCSC uses funds that it raises from the Thrift Shops and other fundraisers to support local organizations, which often thank us for our support. The pie charts below show the distribution of donations that we have received over the past four years. Notice that we increased our contributions to the community between 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 by more than $65,000, and we increased our contributions to the community between 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 by more than 111,000! We could not have accomplished this without the generosity and support of the Stuttgart community.
2016-17 SCSC members performing Random Acts of Kindness before Christmas
2015-16 SCSC members performing Random Acts of Kindness before Christmas.
2014-15 SCSC members in action giving back to the community.
The SCSC has donated to almost 50 organizations in the Stuttgart community and surrounding areas:
1-10 SFG Battalion Ball National Military Family Association
8th Battalion JROTC Navy Ball
Air Force Top III Scholarship Fund Patch Library
Air Force Ball Patch Seniors
Ambassadors Club International Student-Leader Conference Patch High School (PHS)
Army Ball PHS Charity Water
Army Distaff Foundation PHS Cheer Team
Astronaut Club Space Camp PHS Women's Soccer
AWAG PHS Junior/Senior Prom
BEMS PTA PHS Men's Soccer
Black Forest Quilters Guild PHS Model United Nations
Boy Scout Troop 44 PHS Music Booster
Boy Scout Venture Crew 44 PHS Physics Club
Charity Water PHS Softball
Cub Scout Pack 44 PHS Sports Medicine Club
Cub Scout Pack 113 PHS Volleyball
European PTA Spelling Bee PHS Wrestling
French Art History Club Piranha Swim Team
Future Business Leaders of America Sitzmakers Ski and Board Club
Girl Scouts Stuttgart Community Women's Softball
James F. Byrnes Institute Stuttgart Select Soccer
Landstuhl Chaplain Closet Team USA Eagles
Marine Corps Ball USA Girl Scouts Overseas
USO Stuttgart