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Meet Your Special Interest Groups Team
All functioning SIGs are listed below. By mid-October, Coordinators will send each group member a welcome email detailing the plan for the year.  If you wish to join a group, please contact the appropriate Coordinator.

If the groups above don't fill your calendar enough, just wait, we have more SIGs coming!  Look for information on Gourmet/Cooking Club, Day Tripping Divas and Bunco within the next month as coordinators are just getting established.  Feel free to contact the Special Interest Groups Chair, to join these SIGs.

SCSC Special Interest Groups are only open to current SCSC members.  Please make sure that your membership is active in order to participate with these fun groups.  You may join SCSC online by visiting the Membership Page.
Coordinated by
When:  Meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the late morning.

The gatherings are casual and although there is a list of discussion questions, we usually just discuss the book and have enough to say without needing them.  We range from some members bringing great insight to others just trying to remember what they've read long enough to join in!  We choose our titles two months in advance so that there is time to order the book or rent it from the library.  We discuss the book we've just completed and choose another that will be discussed two months later, having already chosen the "on deck" book. 
We have already chosen the next ("on-deck") book, A Gentleman in Moscow, and it will be discussed at our November meeting.

Titles are selected based on suggestions from members.

Fabulous Book Club members met on Sept. 14, 2016 at a beautiful location. The group is off to a great start this year!


Coordinated by Bea Donelson,

When:  Monthly
Welcome to the SCSC Bunko! Meeting once a month with a different spouse hosting each month.  The final number of players will be determined each month by the host depending on space available, parking, etc.  Join this group now to have a lot of Bunko fun!
Day Tripping Divas
A day out with other members!
This group is still in the process of getting established. Watch for updates.
Dining Out
Coordinated by Laura Davis and Melissa Ransbottom,
When: Monthly, beginning in January 2017

Do It, Write 

Coordinated by Mercedes Mackovjak,

Next Meeting February 23rd

Do It, Write SIG is a new Special Interest Group coordinated by Mercedes Mackovjak.  This SIG will focus on all types of creative writing, from Poetry to Prose, meeting with members to inspire and guide each other in their writing journey.  Please contact Mercedes at to join this creative new SIG.

Gourmet/Cooking Club
For those that want to share their love of food in general - cooking and/or eating! All skill levels welcome.
This group is still in the process of getting established. Watch for updates.

Keep Calm and Shop On
Coordinated by Dianne Schwarz,
When:  Monthly or Bi-monthly

Do you love shopping and getting together with friends? Are you ready for the thrill of the hunt to find new treasures?  You know, things you never knew you needed.  Maybe you're looking for unique or affordable European items to send back home to family?   Shopaholics unite!   Come join us as we spend the day visiting local or out of town shops ranging from vintage and antique, to thrift and second hand, to new or unique.  Sign up to receive our monthly Evite and let's get our shop on!

Let's Create
Coordinated by
When:  Monthly; Nov 16, Dec 21st, Jan 18th, Feb 15th, Mar 15th, Apr 19th, May 17th

Come meet both creative and those wishing to become creative people in the SCSC.  For this meeting and future events, the cost will depend on the supplies and may vary from month to month.  Sign up now to join this fun SIG and receive monthly Evites.
Coordinated by Trish Duncan,
Explore and sample food at some of Stuttgart's regional restaurants.
 When:  We meet the 2nd or 3rd Thursday of each month; NOV 17, DEC 15, JAN 19, FEB 16, MAR 9, APR 13, MAY 18

Our location varies from the towns around Stuttgart to countries surrounding us!  Monthly Evites are sent with luncheon details.  Sign up now to receive yours!
Mah Jongg
Mah Jongg Coordinated by Jacquie Waskiewicz,
When:  Monthly on a Monday; NOV 21, DEC 12, JAN 9, FEB 13, MAR 13, APR 10, MAY 8

Enjoy exercising your brain and have fun at the same time! Come play Mah Jongg with us! We play, and follow up with lunch. Beginners welcome!

Mom & Tots Playgroup
Coordinated by Jackie Kocsis,

When:  Monthly, NOV 14, DEC 5

Oh Snap!

Coordinated by Ivanka Patterson,

Lots of fun coming your way!  Are you passionate about photography? Want to meet other fellow photographers, exchange knowhow and get creative in company? Then this SIG is for you. Here we'll learn to know and use our cameras better while exploring different places and spaces according to the monthly topic of the group, in search of the "perfect" shot. Imagination is our only limit. The group is open to everyone, whether a beginner, intermediate or a professional. You only have to meet two requirements: to love photography and a willingness to have fun. If you are working and have no free time during the day you can still sign up as we'll go shooting at night as well (long exposure to fun, is a lot of fun). The fun will continue in the closed Facebook group where we will share and comment on the photos we’ve taken together.

Playful Pups

Coordinated by Linda Nemeth,
When:  You're extended a paw to join us monthly

Welcome to the Paw-tastic group of the SCSC, the Playful Pups SIG. It's going to be a "pawsome" year getting to sniff and walk with other dogs throughout the German countryside.  Join this fun group to receive details of our upcoming excursions!

Tennis Club
The SCSC tennis group is always looking for players!
This group is still in the process of getting established. Watch for updates.
Who Knew! Travel Talk
Coordinated by Cheri Fish,

When:  Monthly, November 28, December 16, January 30, February 27, March 27, April 17, May 15

How many times have you sat at a computer to start your European adventure and just didn't know where to start? Or perhaps you have started and thought, "If only I had known, I would or wouldn't have done X, Y, or Z!"  Whether this is your first PCS to Europe or perhaps you have been here before, we all want to make the most of our European tour!

Wouldn't it be nice to share a travel tip or tidbits with those who are just getting started or with those who have been there, done that?  Each month, we will pick a different country! Come learn a thing or two, or better yet share your personal experience of visiting that country! Let's help each other with our bucket lists, and in the process get to know each other and have a little fun!

Wine Tasting Club
Coordinated by
When:  Monthly

Hope you are all excited to drink some wine and have fun this year!  We are envisioning home parties, outings to either wine stores or wineries such as Kessler Keller Tour, and maybe fit in a "weinwanderweg" for fun.  Punting was a big hit last year, so we may do that again this spring.  Other than that - please offer your suggestions.  Make sure to join this SIG so you don't miss a tasting!