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SCSC is proud to celebrate our 2015 Scholarship Winners!

The ceremony was held at the Patch High School Forum on 17 May. RADM Christenson was the guest speaker. Thank you to all the students, family members, SCSC members and others from the Stuttgart community for making the day special.

SCSC is proud to have presented 47 scholarships to high school, continuing education and spouse recipients. Through funding from our SCSC Thrift Stores and spring bazaar, we were able to award $107,000 to some amazing students.

This year, thanks to the great success of the fundraising efforts, SCSC awarded some very large scholarships including one for $10,000 one for $7,500 and two for $4,000 in the high school category.

Choosing these winners was not easy, and the competition was fierce. Our “blind” judges and scorers (each applicant was assigned a number) spent many hours analyzing over seventy-five applications!

We were so impressed by all of the applicants. So many applicants had GPAs over 4.0, as well as impressive student resumes with leadership, honors, extracurricular activities and community service.

The SCSC wishes the best of luck and success to all our applicants!