Lots of fun coming your way! Are you passionate
about photography? Want to meet other fellow
photographers, exchange knowhow and get creative
in company? Then this SIG is for you. Here we'll learn
to know and use our cameras better while exploring
different places and spaces according to the monthly
topic of the group, in search of the "perfect" shot.
Imagination is our only limit. The group is open to
everyone, whether a beginner, intermediate or a
professional. You only have to meet two requirements:
to love photography and a willingness to have fun.
If you are working and have no free time during the
day you can still sign up as we'll go shooting at night
as well (long exposure to fun, is a lot of fun). The fun
will continue in the closed Facebook group where we
will share and comment on the photos we’ve taken together.

Oh Snap!

Coordinated by Ivanka Patterson,